PECAR Agro Industry We are committed to using our resources to fight hunger within Cameroon, and extensively in Africa and beyond, with our goal to “feeding a hungry planet”. Learn More PECAR Real Estate Development From apartments and private residences, to fertile lands, we have a profound interest in the real estate in Cameroon. Learn More PECAR Consulting Services We provide exceptional insight and solutions aimed at maximizing operational efficiency within energy systems. Learn More

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PECAR COMPANY Ltd is a multi-operational business establishment in Cameroon. Founded by Peter and Caroline Nkeih, PECAR Company Ltd is a shiny pearl in the family’s future prospects in the nation. PECAR Co Ltd functions as a parent company to several current and upcoming business ventures. Currently, she oversees operations for PECAR Agro Industry, PECAR Real estate and the newly founded, PECAR Consulting Services.

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