With an extensive knowledge base in the energy ecosystem, backed by over 35 years of high-level frontline experience in utility services, PECAR Consulting Services is proud to offer her services to clients seeking to innovate and improve their overall efficiency. We specialize in the following :

  • Low, Medium and High Voltage Networks
    • Due Diligence
    • Advice on low energy consumption
    • Advice on industry set up to reduce losses
    • Maintenance planning and control of execution
    • Network design and Construction controls
    • Advice on choice of material
    • Training in Operations
    • System planning


  • Generation Equipment (Hydro, Gas fired, diesel etc)
    • Advice on choice of generators
    • Integration of generators into the Grid
    • Optimal placement needs
    • Maintenance planning and control of execution
    • Advice on renewal energy and storage systems
    • Training in operations


  • Other related domains
    • Telecommunications
    • Smart Grid
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